• Enattica Monastiraki Living, Acropolis view
  • Enattica Monastiraki Living, National Garden in Athens
  • Enattica Monastiraki Living, Hellenic Parliament Syntagma
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Starting from Enattica Monastiraki Living, discover the magnificence of Athens and let yourself wander in its narrow streets and the vibe that every corner of the city exudes. 

At a short distance from the primary means of transportation and just a breath away from the Ancient Agora, you can take advantage of the city's pleasant energy and wander around its streets, always having in the background the unique Acropolis and the Parthenon, admire the monuments of the city and move mentally to antiquity, in the center of ancient Athens which was the most important place of the political and economic life of those ages.

  • Monastiraki Metro – 600m
  • Syntagma Square – 200m
  • Acropolis/Parthenon – 600m.
  • Anafiotika – 500m
  • National garden – 200m.
  • Ermou Street - Commercial Road – 300m.

What makes Athens so popular and unique is the vibe and the vitality in every step within the city! Starting from the privileged location of Enattica Monastiraki Living, enjoy the beauties of the city and become one with the locals, having fun until dawn in the countless nightclubs hidden in its beautiful streets!